Blake & Cassi. Groomals.

I’m kind of in love with these two.  Cassi is (literally and figuratively) the girl next door; we’ve known her family for years and are so excited she found Blake. Not only are they both stunning, they are so in love and seriously funny together. They compliment each other perfectly in every sense of the way. 
Stay tuned for their reception… beyond incredible!!

This seems to be a favorite spot for Brides. 

Katie & Merrill. Bridals & Groomals.

If you weren’t convinced yet that there are a million pictures of these two, maybe now you’ll believe me. Once again, just a relatively small sampling of their pretty-ness, which is saying a lot because of all of these pictures posted. It was too hard to pick just a handful; there were so SO many gorgeous ones to choose from. This woman is beautiful! I think she may take after her big sister… 😉

Kendra. Bridals.

Kendra is a very traditional girl and didn’t want Marcus to see her in her wedding dress before the big day, so it was definitely a change from the “new norm” of groomals.  We had a lot of fun with her and she was absolutely stunning!  And once again, the weather worked in our favor.  Simply amazing. 

Marcus & Kendra. Engagements.

Sometimes, when things happen a certain way, you know it’s meant to be. This couple is absolutely no exception to this rule. Every time we went out for a shoot, it was cold and rainy. Every time- engagements, bridals, the temple AND the reception. The second we stepped out of the car, the clouds parted, the lighting was every photographer’s dream, and the rain ceased for the moment. We’d get back in the car to drive to a new location, and it would start raining. And again, as if right on cue, the weather was perfect the second we parked. It was still cold, even freezing at moments, but you wouldn’t know it from any of these photographs (especially the indoor shot… haha). 
It was really an incredible thing to witness. 
Like I said… Meant To Be. 

Avery & Brandon. Engagements.

These two were so fun to shoot. Avery has been a close family friend for years and
it is so much fun to see her with the man of her dreams.
We brought along some balloons to bring out their playful/competitive side.
In the end, the woman always wins. Always.
Let this be an early lesson for you, Brandon!