Baby Taelor.

Shelli here. Since this is becoming somewhat of a collaborative business, I thought I would post my latest newborn shoot of baby Taelor. I have a bit of a weakness for newborns. I don’t mind if they pee on me or scream at me (both of which she did), there’s just nothing sweeter than holding a newborn babe. She was incredibly alert for about 80% of the time making my job a little more difficult, but she was still just absolutely adorable.  I could have photographed her all day.

Miner family.

A family with an incredible story, some incredible talent and incredible beauty… and the world’s best egg roll recipe!  Meet the Miner’s:

Merrill & Katie. Reception.

I am FINALLY getting pictures up of Katie and Merrill’s awesome reception. They had their reception the night before they were actually married; such a beautiful thing! Things were so low key, and the two of them were really able to enjoy this celebration of the start of their lives together. The venue was gorgeous and the spring weather was cool and sunny. It was such a fun party full of beautiful people, beautiful food and beautiful surroundings. 
Once again, too many pictures to choose just a few. I just can’t help myself!

These cakes tasted just as good as they look. All of them. I would know.

These awesome ladies were the kitchen help. Matching aprons courtesy of the ever-so-talented Betty Jo Bailey, aka Mom.

Merrill knew better than to shove the cake in Katie’s face… my mom would have called off the wedding the next morning. No joke.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

That headband around Quinn’s head is Katie’s garter. Naturally, that’s where anyone would think to put it after catching it… no?  hmmm….

Parting is such sweet sorrow, that we must say goodbye ’til we wed tomorrow…

Avery & Brandon. Bridals.

Thanks to the non-cooperative weather, we had to make a last minute location change for Avery’s bridals. Did June seem more like Spring than Summer to anyone else? Totally unpredictable weather. Anyway, these shots still turned out lovely and she definitely made what could have been a dreary situation completely beautiful. Typical Avery.