Lone Peak Basketball (2012)

For the last 8 years I have been (more or less) the “official” photographer of Lone Peak Basketball.  This all started when my son Matt played on the team and has continued ever since.  The primary reason I did it, was to keep myself occupied so that I’d generally behave myself at a game (you have to do that when you are on the sidelines-or the officials take exception to it). So moving into 2012, Coach Quincy (whom I believe to be the best high school basketball coach in the country) has gotten another team hopefully headed deep into the state tournament.  My wife and I laugh, because we can never go anywhere for our anniversary because the team is always at state and usually doing well.

So take a break from the weddings and enjoy some basketball. And you thought basketball was a non-contact sport?  I think I’ve seen more busted teeth, broken noses, and messed up ankles in basketball than I’ve ever seen football.  Enjoy.

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