Albree. Bridals.

The long-awaited bridal shots of Miss Albree Tiftin. Every guy in the world should be devastated that this girl will be officially off the market in less than 2 weeks time. Isn’t she the most gorgeous bride you’ve ever seen???

Avery & Brandon. Bridals.

Thanks to the non-cooperative weather, we had to make a last minute location change for Avery’s bridals. Did June seem more like Spring than Summer to anyone else? Totally unpredictable weather. Anyway, these shots still turned out lovely and she definitely made what could have been a dreary situation completely beautiful. Typical Avery.

Katie & Merrill. Bridals & Groomals.

If you weren’t convinced yet that there are a million pictures of these two, maybe now you’ll believe me. Once again, just a relatively small sampling of their pretty-ness, which is saying a lot because of all of these pictures posted. It was too hard to pick just a handful; there were so SO many gorgeous ones to choose from. This woman is beautiful! I think she may take after her big sister… 😉

Kendra. Bridals.

Kendra is a very traditional girl and didn’t want Marcus to see her in her wedding dress before the big day, so it was definitely a change from the “new norm” of groomals.  We had a lot of fun with her and she was absolutely stunning!  And once again, the weather worked in our favor.  Simply amazing. 

Another Rachel. Bridals. Plus some Dan.

This is another bridal shoot that the groom came along. As you may know, I am a big fan of this, but they were smart in taking their pictures up at the Salt Lake temple when there weren’t a million couples who had just gotten married. Rachel’s style is one of a kind and I wish that I was cool enough to pull it off. Be jealous as you look at how gorgeous she is!