Stacy and Darren

Their engagement photo.  The weather was cold and windy, but we found a quiet place and the magic happened.


and another

From a second session. The weather was beautiful this time and the colors were out

They were married in the Bountiful Temple

Preparing for the reception

A delightful couple

Benson & Albree. Engagements.

For as long as I can remember, Albree has been a part of the family. She and Katie have been best friends forever and through the years, we have just thought of her as one of our own.  Then, much to everyone’s excitement, she got engaged to my brother-in-law, Benson. These two are perfect together. Absolutely perfect. And now, Albree will officially become a part of the family! 
 Since she was already part of the family to begin with, of course she gets spoiled with several shoots and many, many pictures… so forgive me for not being able to narrow down the picture sampling that much. I just love these two!
I promise we didn’t tag this ourselves… it was just meant to be!
We just took her bridals last weekend and oh. my. word. they are amazing!! Stay tuned…

Marcus & Kendra. Engagements.

Sometimes, when things happen a certain way, you know it’s meant to be. This couple is absolutely no exception to this rule. Every time we went out for a shoot, it was cold and rainy. Every time- engagements, bridals, the temple AND the reception. The second we stepped out of the car, the clouds parted, the lighting was every photographer’s dream, and the rain ceased for the moment. We’d get back in the car to drive to a new location, and it would start raining. And again, as if right on cue, the weather was perfect the second we parked. It was still cold, even freezing at moments, but you wouldn’t know it from any of these photographs (especially the indoor shot… haha). 
It was really an incredible thing to witness. 
Like I said… Meant To Be. 

Avery & Brandon. Engagements.

These two were so fun to shoot. Avery has been a close family friend for years and
it is so much fun to see her with the man of her dreams.
We brought along some balloons to bring out their playful/competitive side.
In the end, the woman always wins. Always.
Let this be an early lesson for you, Brandon!