The biggest family ever!

This is my family. Well, my in-laws. 14 siblings and 45 grandkids. Every one of them was in town last week for the wedding of Benson (the youngest Cluff and final one to get married) and Albree. What an incredible family this is… and not just in size. 

In memory…

This past Monday was the funeral of a long-time family friend, Aaron Garrett. Ever since we moved to Alpine 20 years ago, his family has been right around the corner from us. We had the privilege of taking this beautiful family’s pictures before his younger brother, Kotah, left on his mission 2 years ago. These photos were displayed at his funeral this week and were a stunning reminder of what a great person he was. He will truly be missed by his family and all those who knew him.

Aaron’s Navajo name is Haashk’e Iini Yedilwo’ii, which means Warrior Who Runs With Lightning.  This shot was taken the day after his funeral during one of the many lightning/thunder/hail storms that occurred that week. It’s definitely no coincidence that they were some of the most powerful, intense and beautiful lightning storms Utah Valley has ever seen.  His brother, Kotah, was actually up on this exact mountain at this exact time.  Crazy or brave, I’m not quite sure… but he definitely got front row seats to Aaron’s show.

Miner family.

A family with an incredible story, some incredible talent and incredible beauty… and the world’s best egg roll recipe!  Meet the Miner’s:

Meet my family.

Perhaps we took family pictures before Ashley moved like a month ago. Family pictures are always a stressful event at my household. Picking the location and the outfits are usually the source of the stress. It doesn’t help when me and Ashley pretend to threaten to wear something that doesn’t follow the dress code. Note to self: don’t joke around with my mom when it comes to family pictures. I suppose it makes sense for it to be a big deal since we only get them once every two or so years.

Shelli and Kimball and Brody. P.S. taking pictures with the child gets slightly challenging, figuring sometimes he just doesn’t want to smile or be cooperative in any way…

Have I mentioned that I have the coolest siblings ever?

Once upon a time my dad said that I was too close to Ashley, so I made sure that I kept my distance.

Here we are trying to be artsy. Failed. Shelli can work it out. Matt looks a little lost. Ashley just looks angry. And me…no comment.

Peterson Family

I decided to switch it up a little bit and post pictures of practically the prettiest family ever. Take notice of the different coloring in the photos. The Peterson’s wanted more of the faded look so I added both the faded and the regular. You can decide which you like better.