Stacy and Darren

Their engagement photo.  The weather was cold and windy, but we found a quiet place and the magic happened.


and another

From a second session. The weather was beautiful this time and the colors were out

They were married in the Bountiful Temple

Preparing for the reception

A delightful couple

Diane and Rob

Diane and Rob were married in February in the Sacramento Temple.  I have to say that the Temple grounds are the most unique of any of the temples that I have had the privilege of attending. The grounds are huge, this is saying something in California, and deer and wild turkeys were everywhere.  At one point Jo (my wife) and I counted over 30 turkeys just in the area we were observing.

Diane and Rob were a joy to photograph, take a look.

We’re Back…

It has been a craaazzzzyyy year.  Between family weddings and babies and life, the blog has been neglected; to say the least.  I have started the update process by posting some wedding albums from the past year (right hand side, down just a bit under wedding albums.) Over the next month or so, I’ll get them all current and you can see what has been keeping life interesting.

In the meantime I be playing catch up on the posts…


Benson & Albree. Reception.

Welcome to the amazingness that was Benson and Albree’s reception. After 2 short, yet very long months of planning, everything came together beautifully for the perfect night to celebrate. We were in absolute burlap and lace heaven! Love!

All the flowers were provided by Willow and Wildflowers and they were absolutely stunning! 

Pulled pork, BBQ beef, hotdogs, salads, pies, soft serve ice cream and homemade rootbeer. 
If you left hungry, it was your own fault!

Jane Cluff made skirts for all of the sisters, nieces and bride’s maids. That’s nearly 60 skirts in all (see them all HERE in their family picture). They were SO cute! This girl has some serious talent…
Their cake was made by Carolee, Benson’s sister. Not only did it look beautiful, it was SO good!

And mini jars of honey and jam as parting gifts. Perfection.
Congrats you two!

Blake & Cassi. Reception.

Yes, I know… I’m a little behind in my reception posting. Better late than never, right?
Instead of your typical “Mormon Reception”, Cassi wanted to have a somewhat intimate gathering/dinner with some of her closest friends and family; those who helped get her and Blake to the point they are at now in their lives-happily married for all eternity. This girl had a very specific vision in mind and it turned out so classy. It was very “Audrey Hepburn goes to Paris”. They requested that every guest wear black and white and celebrate with them their black-tie affair. 
A beautiful occasion for a truly beautiful couple!
Bon Appetit!

Merrill & Katie. Reception.

I am FINALLY getting pictures up of Katie and Merrill’s awesome reception. They had their reception the night before they were actually married; such a beautiful thing! Things were so low key, and the two of them were really able to enjoy this celebration of the start of their lives together. The venue was gorgeous and the spring weather was cool and sunny. It was such a fun party full of beautiful people, beautiful food and beautiful surroundings. 
Once again, too many pictures to choose just a few. I just can’t help myself!

These cakes tasted just as good as they look. All of them. I would know.

These awesome ladies were the kitchen help. Matching aprons courtesy of the ever-so-talented Betty Jo Bailey, aka Mom.

Merrill knew better than to shove the cake in Katie’s face… my mom would have called off the wedding the next morning. No joke.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

That headband around Quinn’s head is Katie’s garter. Naturally, that’s where anyone would think to put it after catching it… no?  hmmm….

Parting is such sweet sorrow, that we must say goodbye ’til we wed tomorrow…

Marc & Toni. Wedding & Reception.

My apologies for not posting. Ever. Ya know, college kind of gets in the way of life. But I think we have a system now where I should be posting pictures a little more regularly.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my cousin Marc and his now wife, Toni. They were married just after Christmas up in Logan. So needless to say, it was cold! Despite the bitter weather, some great shots were taken.