Stacy and Darren

Their engagement photo.  The weather was cold and windy, but we found a quiet place and the magic happened.


and another

From a second session. The weather was beautiful this time and the colors were out

They were married in the Bountiful Temple

Preparing for the reception

A delightful couple

Diane and Rob

Diane and Rob were married in February in the Sacramento Temple.  I have to say that the Temple grounds are the most unique of any of the temples that I have had the privilege of attending. The grounds are huge, this is saying something in California, and deer and wild turkeys were everywhere.  At one point Jo (my wife) and I counted over 30 turkeys just in the area we were observing.

Diane and Rob were a joy to photograph, take a look.

We’re Back…

It has been a craaazzzzyyy year.  Between family weddings and babies and life, the blog has been neglected; to say the least.  I have started the update process by posting some wedding albums from the past year (right hand side, down just a bit under wedding albums.) Over the next month or so, I’ll get them all current and you can see what has been keeping life interesting.

In the meantime I be playing catch up on the posts…


Marc & Toni. Wedding & Reception.

My apologies for not posting. Ever. Ya know, college kind of gets in the way of life. But I think we have a system now where I should be posting pictures a little more regularly.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my cousin Marc and his now wife, Toni. They were married just after Christmas up in Logan. So needless to say, it was cold! Despite the bitter weather, some great shots were taken.

Meredith and Andrew. Wedding and Reception.

Because my dad and Meredith’s dad both do photography, it comes in handy when their children get married. However, there is one set back–who takes the family pictures at the temple and during the reception when you can’t just dedicate all your time to taking pictures? Solution: have the other photographer there to help (hence why we do not have any engagements or bridals of Meredith.)