Meet Breck.

Breck is 12. She wants to be a model, a photographer, a hair stylist, and a fashion designer when she grows up. I believe she’ll someday be all 4. 

Albree. Bridals.

The long-awaited bridal shots of Miss Albree Tiftin. Every guy in the world should be devastated that this girl will be officially off the market in less than 2 weeks time. Isn’t she the most gorgeous bride you’ve ever seen???

Benson & Albree. Engagements.

For as long as I can remember, Albree has been a part of the family. She and Katie have been best friends forever and through the years, we have just thought of her as one of our own.  Then, much to everyone’s excitement, she got engaged to my brother-in-law, Benson. These two are perfect together. Absolutely perfect. And now, Albree will officially become a part of the family! 
 Since she was already part of the family to begin with, of course she gets spoiled with several shoots and many, many pictures… so forgive me for not being able to narrow down the picture sampling that much. I just love these two!
I promise we didn’t tag this ourselves… it was just meant to be!
We just took her bridals last weekend and oh. my. word. they are amazing!! Stay tuned…

Baby Lucy.

Babies, babies…. oh, how I love you, babies! This sleepy little angel was only 1 week old and is a miniature replica of her gorgeous mommy.  Lucy was the perfect model, even smiled for me a few times, and was so easy to fall in love with. Congratulations, Erika and Zach. She’s perfect.

Adams Kiddos

I’m so in love with these kids. Not only are they gorgeous and so full of personality, they belong to one of my very best friends.  Gracie, the oldest, is almost the same age as her mom was when we first met 20 years ago. WOW!  

In memory…

This past Monday was the funeral of a long-time family friend, Aaron Garrett. Ever since we moved to Alpine 20 years ago, his family has been right around the corner from us. We had the privilege of taking this beautiful family’s pictures before his younger brother, Kotah, left on his mission 2 years ago. These photos were displayed at his funeral this week and were a stunning reminder of what a great person he was. He will truly be missed by his family and all those who knew him.

Aaron’s Navajo name is Haashk’e Iini Yedilwo’ii, which means Warrior Who Runs With Lightning.  This shot was taken the day after his funeral during one of the many lightning/thunder/hail storms that occurred that week. It’s definitely no coincidence that they were some of the most powerful, intense and beautiful lightning storms Utah Valley has ever seen.  His brother, Kotah, was actually up on this exact mountain at this exact time.  Crazy or brave, I’m not quite sure… but he definitely got front row seats to Aaron’s show.

Baby Taelor.

Shelli here. Since this is becoming somewhat of a collaborative business, I thought I would post my latest newborn shoot of baby Taelor. I have a bit of a weakness for newborns. I don’t mind if they pee on me or scream at me (both of which she did), there’s just nothing sweeter than holding a newborn babe. She was incredibly alert for about 80% of the time making my job a little more difficult, but she was still just absolutely adorable.  I could have photographed her all day.